Sealing mortar

CS 510 Hohlkehlensperrmörtel HKS

Fast-setting waterproofing filler for throat formation, as levelling agent and as pre-waterproofing under mineral and bitumen waterproofing systems; cement-bonded; with crystalline water binding; consumption: approx. 1.8 kg/dm³, approx. 3 kg/m throat (with radius 4-5 cm)

Item number Packing Pieces per pallet
1510025 25,00 kg 42

CS 511 Sperrputz

For waterproofing and pre-sealing on basement exterior and interior walls, at the base, in the plinth area, as flush-mounted plaster for mineral ConSeal sealing slurries; consumption: about 14.5 kg/m² per cm

Item number Packing Pieces per pallet
1511025 25,00 kg 42