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ConSeal offers special building materials for the professional contemporary protection of buildings, the waterproofing of buildings, building renovation and for the strengthening of buildings. Complex requirements in new constructionand in the redevelopment require competent
and innovative solutions.
Professional products not only make work easier but also increase the quality of the final result.

Benefit from our more than 40 years of professional experience.


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Building waterproofing / Building renovation

Sealing mortar

Mineral seals

Reactive mineral seals

Bitumen thick coatings

Joint sealing tapes

Sealing accessories

Waterproofing and backfilling protection

Horizontal barriers / Vertical barriers / Silicification

Grouting mortar

Renovation plaster system

Silicate / ecological building protection

Liquid silicate protection

Repair and protection of concrete and facades

Quick cement, Assembly and tamping mortar

Repair mortar

Facade impregnation / Hydrophobic impregnations

Improvement and additive of mortar and concrete

Concrete and screed aftertreatment agent

Floor coating, sealing, surface improvement

Mineral, high-strength, moisture-resistant floor coating

Sealings / Special applications

Expansion requirement

Setting mortar & filler for calcium silicate boards & climate boards

Calcium silicate boards / climate boards

Levelling compound

Tiler requirement

Tile waterproofing

Sealing tapes, corners and sleeves

Tile adhesive



Primers for bitumen systems